Friday, March 16, 2007

The Parrot-Hole !

Just seen a green bird whiz past a couple of trees, rushing towards a smallish hole smack in the center of an impossibly proud tree...she has actually dashed headlong into the hole.. Surely she's knocked out senseless inside the hollow...but no! she has just reappeared - sticks out a shapely green head from the hole....a serene countenance with red eyes topping a bright-red beak(so bright a red, you think the painter has overdone Himself there!) half-amused and half-exasperated at my wide-eyed expression...shan't be surprised if she rolls her eyes over to say 'as if....'
And then it dawned on me(always takes some time, but i do get there eventually) - i see a parrot in a, not in the cage of a 'pet-lover' drawing fake peals of laughter imitating fake voices, but out here in the her home...dwelling in her very own inhibitions whatsover...she is actually FREE !!!
So thats how it feels be free ?
But at what price ? thats suicidal, isn't it?
.....Hurtling fearlessly into the unknown...
After all, how far does the hole extend ?...the questions seem innumerable and come gushing forth, not one after another but in a torrent driven by the mad current of inquiry!
Hold your breath,friend!... you'll get your answers, but you gotta try...give it your best shot and dash headlong !!!
Why....Whats in it for Me, you say ?
Well, for starters, see our good friend up there at the parrot-hole ?
She now looks from Within at the world Outside!

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