Sunday, May 27, 2007

Skyscapes 2
Contd from the previous post....the last pic is one of my favourites - the sun has all but called it quits for the day, yet in a defiant mood it lights up the immediate clouds above it in varied hues of gold & pink to show who's the boss !

Skyscapes 1
these ones came off a moving train somewhere in Central India.....

Going, Going...GONE !!!

Dusk scenes captured from the land of raw passion, West Bengal....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the most poignant exhibit displayed at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens,Mysore...literally translated from kannada, the pachyderm makes a strong statement -
"We can survive without You,
But can You survive without Us ?"
Yawn! Am so Booooooooooored...........

"Me too", says this Otter

The Tough One!

Solid,dependable, formidable.....running out-of adjectives here but this Rhino exudes an air of absolute command & poise over any situation...much like my mom i thought..we even tried to get the two of 'em to pose together citing the various similarities...really racked our brains to think of any differences between the two personalities until my brother quipped- you wouldn't find a rhino patiently trying out scores of mysore silk sarees :) that, we got an icy glare from her otherwise warm eyes....why, even the rhino came charging towards us !

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Chimpsons

Poor chaps seemed really bored (who wouldnt be if caged up round the clock)...they did get excited & showed first signs of life when a chopper flew overhead..the younger one actually came running towards the crowd & from nowhere delivered an underarm stone at 100kmph narrowly missing one of the bystanders!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Captured these colourful chaps at Mysore Zoo....the male peacock strutting around..saw the old adage 'proud as a peacock' unfold right then 'n there:)....the female peahen on the other side of the fence despearately seeking his attention...finally she spreads her wings literally and a lively dance commences (er..i had heard its the other way 'round...that the male shakes a leg or two, rather feather or two so as to woo the female!) Anyways, the end result - she gets not one, but two suitors (see last pic !!!)

Just in case you are wondering whats all this about...well, am just back from a rollercoaster trip to some amazing parts of Southern India and my feelings mirror those of this mechanical contraption at Visveswaraya Museum,Bangalore...madly excited 'n eager for more the above posts to know why :)