Sunday, May 27, 2007

Skyscapes 2
Contd from the previous post....the last pic is one of my favourites - the sun has all but called it quits for the day, yet in a defiant mood it lights up the immediate clouds above it in varied hues of gold & pink to show who's the boss !


Hrishi said...

Love it!!! Esp pics 2,3 & 4 from this series.

2& 3 because it seems like you are submerged high within the clouds to take the pic; and 4 cos of the blueness of the sky that still lingers despite the Sun being close to completing its retreat for the day.

Good work!!!

Sanchit said...

Amazing pics man....
seems like you have travelled a lot across the country with your genius camera.
loved especially the sunsets and the rhinos!

Rookie said...

those dusks are amazing dude.

u shud quit mgmt and take up nature photography as carrer.

btw which cam do u use..

Hex said...

@Hrishi, thanks mate! yup, pics 2 & 3 are my 2nd & 3rd fav ones:)
@Sanchit - thanks dude!
@Rookie? well its always good to hv alternate career option, wot say? ;)
i use a Sony DSCW5 digicam!