Monday, October 02, 2006

These folks took up most of the memory space(deservingly so!)...starting frm the bottom pic-Sonu(Mom) has just delivered a healthy calf..pic taken abt 5 mins after she(did i mention its a girl?) 'formally' came into existence...Momma began earnestly licking her, giving natural warmth and marking her as her own! The knock-kneed calf tried desperately getting up, with mom continuously prodding her...but she kept stumbling & finally just gave up, facing the other side(first pic!)...Sonu, patient as ever, kept up her efforts!


sumo said...

That was amazing....wonderful pics...a good feast for us folks scorching in the desert..
Keep up the good work
Rgds from amma/pappa/kunal..

Kunal said...

Amba looks cute...Pl name the next calf Kunal .
Kunal the great

ivar mama said...

The pics were great...& the desciption was pro ...u seem to hv enjoyed ur stay...keep mailing
Ravi mama

Hex said...

thanks folks! glad u all enjoyed it...kunal-if its a bull-calf next time, i promise it'll be named after u ;-))....ur head-butt is as lethal(if not more!) as their horns are !!!