Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sunset by the Beach !!!
this is at Kaup Beach, M'lore-also called as Kaup Lighthouse...and these pics were taken at the vantage point of lighthouse tower (at the very top of course !) ...i set seige there right from 4.30 in the hot afternoon waiting, almost willing the impish 'lady' to get a move on and rest for the day ;) ... but the 'hottie' took its own sweet time & finally called it a day at 6pm in the evening ! At the horizon, i waited with bated breath and then the anti-climax: out-of-nowhere, this train of dense clouds appeared( i swear, it was a mere wisp a few mins back) literally playing the bodyguard and shielding the last private sunny moments from any spying eyes !!! (guess u can readily imagine the scene - an angry old father defiantly crossing his arms and challenging me to steal one more glance at his lovely girl, my beloved...sigh!)


Bani said...

hey.. these pics r beyond awesome... par true beauty.. simply mind-blowing.... n i loved the way u described ur anxious wait and "encounter" with the clouds-trying to steal ur maiden away!!!! atta boy!!!!!!

Hex said...

hey thanks ! looking fwd to the nxt encounter...the 'old man' cant win every time !!!