Tuesday, October 14, 2008

....catching up to the Snail's pace....

'twas one of those unearthly morning hours when a couple of friends and self stumbled across this weary chap returning from a hard-day-in-the-office....i say 'stumbled'..well, we had almost crushed the poor chap beneath our confident (i daresay self-assured) tread!

so what about this snail -the epitome of 'laziness' ?...and what about the legendary "snail's pace"? Apparently the typical speed of an adult Helix lucorum is (a very much law-abiding figure of) One mm/sec !!!

Remarkably enough, He leaves very noticeable footprints every few steps as if trying to justify his 'pace'...as if saying that

- "look here, i got no race to run, no deadlines to meet, no chaps to measure up against...i sure got the luckiest job in this entire 'road' you know - To live every single step completely...thats it, to know the road thoroughly for that step for that stretch of time (call it seconds/minutes/hours whatever!)....the best part is am so forgetful - once i've taken "my time" over that step, i actually manage to forget it..to just let it go...and move on ! And somehow (i dunno how, its amazing really) i end up leaving a mark, a distinct impression on the road.."

hmmm...Laziness eh?

Guess its about time we think about catching up with the snail's pace!!!


deepshikha gupta said...

what about
along with snails pacce what about catching up with snails peace

nice one

P.s was just passing by...

Vijayalakshmi Natarajan said...

You must have loads n loads of patience, to catch a snail trail:-).