Thursday, January 03, 2008

the Abode of the Gods..

the window of Airbus flight Guwahati-Mumbai on Jan 1,2008
nothing out of the ordinary, what?...well, look at this close-up shot now..

And how about this one ??? At 700km/hr (plane's ground speed), this has gotta be one of my fastest snaps out there !
Yup, these are the mystical Himalayan ranges adorning the lands of Tibet here....standing tall and proud above all the clouds...above the earth...above everything this pair of eyes could comprehend ! Surely, the very Gods would dwell here in peace..comfortably settled in their pristine white palaces...

a sepentine white carpet beckons me to join them for a cup of tea...just then a cursory glance at the navigation display shows the outside air temperature at a staggering -44 degrees...yup, the heavens are there for my taking if i can but bear a "l'il cold" ..Dare i leave the comfortable warmth of this familiar bird? dare i extend the wings of my own solo flight and simply go for it ? staying back....that cute air-hostess just gave me a dazzling smile :D

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