Sunday, July 29, 2007

" Shock & Awe"

Got this one off a running train somewhere near Orissa ages back...'twas pitch dark with an overcast sky outside & it took me scores of failures (blank snaps) before i actually caught this flash, a momentary spark that brilliantly lights up an otherwise morbid canvas for a solitary moment!

Looks like a Child up there is just learning his first alphabet - he merrily scribbles across the blank (sky) slate quite illegibly, suddenly feels something's not right & almost instantly rubs the slate clean...looks behind his shoulder mischievously, checks if the coast is clear...his big, round eyes dancing in sheer delight, he again has a go at the slate !!!

1 comment:

SiD said...

"Awe" Some!!!
Had written some lines on the same thing once,when on a trek.. but unable to find it now :(
and unlike u, I was not able to capture it despite several attempts ;)