Thursday, April 12, 2007

Even This Shall Pass Away ?

Was in the midst of an after-lunch stroll when i first set eyes upon this winged gentleman standing quietly on one of those open stairs that you find commonly these days at the most uncommon of places. Resplendent in aquagreen 'clothes', he stared out with beady, unmoving eyes and seemed to be meditating on...whatever dragon-flies meditate on normally! The sunlight, filtering through the dense treecover decided to make its presence known just then and made a grand entry on the stage,casting a solitary ray on our saintly friend here....... Ah! the sparkling colours that emanated from him..silvers,blues,greens,greys all jostled for my attention....picture-perfect scene, except that i didn't have my trusted digicam to capture this!
On an impulse, thought of brushing him away to the nearby could he be so relaxed and unconcerned with all the chaos around ? Dunno why but i didnt and left him to his contemplations, striding on & feeling glad to be a normal human being- confused and worried, carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders as usual !!!
Couple of hours later, i happened to pass through the same stair and casually glanced rooted to the spot - only a skeleton was left, the eyes still stared but no flesh, no wings, no colours, just some thin sticks for arms,legs.....the saint had shed his mortal remains in the exact position i had last seen him in....probably was dead for ages!
Something seemed to close in on me...where did all the colours go ? why did they have to go?
come to think of it, did any of those colours belong to the dragon-fly in the first place?
Nature (or sunlight as you would have it) had laid out such a magnificent spectacle just some time back,on a lifeless creation ?
Closer inspection revealed a whole battalion of those tireless workers - Ants...bustling about, tearing down this now-hollow structure and earning their honest bread. Nature bringing down yet another one of its denizens to dust but in the process nurturing several more!
Even This Shall Pass Away ?

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