Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sun's just abt set on an exciting 'n immensely rejuvenating 7-day trip at my ancestral home in rural M'lore!...'twas eventful all right....saw nature at her very best (uh, am always saying that!), witnessed some amazing sunsets, captured the first few moments of some new lives unfolding - Sonu brought out Amba and the Russian Chinchilla quite unexpectedly popped out four brand new 'uns...'Course u don't know what am gibbering abt !!!!....well, the former refers to the revered ('n quintessential) house-cow which gave birth to a bewitchingly beautiful calf and the latter to a Rabbit breed which delivered a spanking new litter of l'il ones on the penultimate day of my stay there (talk abt good timing!)
Still sorting out all the pics...for the time-being, chk out the good 'ol sun-set from the top of the solitary light-house tower at Kaup Beach,M'lore (er...with my silhouette thrown in for good measure ;-))

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